Slitting/Rewinding process

Film slitting and microperforation

An appropriate winding is essential to offer a quality product. Whether it is to process the film in our facilities and to cut it in bags or to send it to our clients, winding is a priority.

We have the latest generation slitting/rewinders that enable us to have a better versatility and agility in our orders.

Likewise, we have micro-perforating rewinders to manufacture micro-perforated reels or bags for products such as bread, etc…

Wingind sketches

  • Tube
  • Sheet
  • Folded tube
  • Saddlebag
  • Triptych
  • Double sheet
  • Semitube S1
  • Semitube S2
  • Flap A1
  • Flap A2
  • Flap B1
  • Flap B2