Film of polypropylene

Film extrusion

This is a monooriented cast polypropylene film, but manufactured in blown balloon and cooled by air and water, which gives the film special properties as far as shine, transparency and abrasion resistance are concerned, whether it is due to stretching or impact.

Tube manufacture enables greater formats diversity with less handling (mid-pipe tubes, flaps, SAUddlebags, triptychs, double-track cuttings etc…)

We manufacture film in tube with widths going from 30 to 100cm, with 2,5cm intervals, and in thickness from 22,5 microns (gauge 90) to 140 microns (gauge 560)

A part of this company’s goal is to offer to our clients a wide range of types of film with the biggest possible number of formats.

We can manufacture tubes of less than 30cm thanks to a longitudinal welding, as well as side foldings. We can also microperforate the film to manufacture bags for bakery and other sectors, as well as metallised film, coloured film and even a special film for low temperatures.

Having a softening temperature upper 160ºC, polypropylene is the material used in autoclave packings or for products that have to bear high temperatures within that limit.

You have at your disposal the Technical Data Sheet of our material, as well as various certificates and reports about the current legislation in the “Documentation” section.